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Is Tap Water In San Diego Safe To Drink?

The City of San Diego takes pride in providing safe and clean water to its residents and not only for a few years but for a hundred years. It also caters to other cities like Coronado, Del Mar, Imperial Beach. The city has never sold a drop of water that is deemed hazardous by a federal agency, local, or state. While being reliable and outstanding for a long time, San Diego aims to keep this record for more years to come. What’s more surprising about this is that the sources where most San Diego water comes from, travel a thousand of miles prior to reaching the city. That being said, is it really safe to drink its tap water? To Drink Or Not To Drink? San Diego is proud of delivering clean and safe water and a lot of people can attest to it; however, there are still a number of complaints when it comes to the taste of the water. Some may still find it awful and basically, it’s because of the chlorine added to it for transportation. Therefore, to ensure the best quality of water in homes and businesses, it’s best to install a whole house water filter system. This system is capable of filtering all the water that penetrates your home by connecting the main water line to all the water dispensers such as the laundry, faucet, toilet, shower, and water heater. Its role is to remove bacteria, virus, chemicals, organic substances, and other contaminants that may cause minor or severe sickness. It also helps in keeping the clothes clean and soft by removing scales and other unnecessary substance. In addition, it prolongs the life of plumbing and appliances by filtering sediments that may cause trouble in the long run. Where Does San Diego Get Its Tap Water? Despite serving safe and clean water, San Diego’s water supply is limited. In fact, the city has to purchase 90% of it from other places. It is mainly attached to the Colorado River Aqueduct, which was basically created for Los Angeles. The Aqueduct is linked to the State Water Project going to San Francisco, and it acquires unfiltered water supply from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Considering this, the water coming out of the tap has traveled thousands of miles which are then stored in reservoirs. To ensure that the water is safe and clean, the City’s Public Utilities Department conducts several treatment processes from its three water treatment plants. Coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation – these are just some of the initial steps conducted to raw water to filter heavy particles. To remove smaller debris and produce a crystal clear outcome, the water will undergo the filtration process. Meanwhile, to filter bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic organisms, the water is treated and every water plants have various approaches when it comes to disinfection. For instance, the Otay Water Treatment Plant utilizes chlorine dioxide while the Alvarado and Miramar Water Treatment Plants use ozone – which is just primary disinfection....

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Top 3 Reasons To Get A Whole House Water Filtration System

Clean water is vital to every living being, especially for a human. It’s not only used for consumption but also for preparing and cooking food and showering. Like oxygen, it is essential to survive. Over 70 percent of the human body is composed of water, thus it’s really important to consume enough on a daily basis. The unfortunate truth is that not all the sources of water provide a safe water to drink. Even the water available around, which are deemed to be safe and treated from chlorine, may still contain bacteria, chemical, and other contaminants that are harmful to one’s health. It is because it’s easy for it to acquire contaminants after leaving any water treatment facility. One of the best ways to ensure that your drinking water is healthy and safe is to have a whole house water filter system installed in your home. A whole house water filtration system is attached from the main water line to all the water dispensers to distribute filtered water. It is a crucial process to remove bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants. While it’s best to have your drinking water tested on a daily basis, it’s simply a hassle. The safest, cheapest, and a less complicated way to guarantee that you’re water is healthy and safe is to invest in a whole house water filtration system. If you’re wondering why it’s a must for every home, here are the top 3 reasons why you need to install a whole house water filter in your home: Additional Protection For You And Your Family A whole house water filter removes sediments which may include disease-causing bacteria, virus, and parasites. It also filters lead – a chemical that has toxic effects and may pose permanent adverse health effects, especially to children and elders. The protection provided y the system also improves the clarity and taste of your drinking water. However, these are just the first phase of protection you get from a water filter system. As the water passes through another stage, it reduces scale, chlorine, and other chemicals such as iron. It also seizes the development of bacteria, algae, and other impurities. Using this in your home can help you avoid symptoms that may occur after drinking contaminated water such as vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Cost Savings Purchasing a whole house water filter means spending dollars; however, this is far cheaper than buying bottled water every single day just to ensure that you are consuming safe and healthy water. Filtered water also lengthens the life of your water-using appliances such as coffee pot, water dispenser, refrigerator ice maker, and water dispenser by filtering any sediment that may accumulate in the long run. This means you don’t need to replace appliances from time to time. You can also save on the plumbing repair costs since unfiltered water damages your plumbing system due to the chemicals, heavy metals, and minerals in it. Protect The Environment There are over a billion plastic water bottles sold...

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What Are The Benefits Of A Whole House Water Filtration System?

It’s no secret how essential it is to drink water every single day; however, despite the number of sources of water around us, not all are deemed safe to drink. Rivers, lakes, glaciers, and even water from wells can be contaminated with natural organics and/or man-made substance that’s why most people invest in water filtration system to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the water. Basically, a whole house water filter system is responsible for filtering all the water that penetrates your home. It removes dirt, debris, and other unnecessary minerals like chlorine, chloramines, sediment, heavy metals, and a lot more. It does not prevent contaminants from entering your body but also, it is beneficial in a number of ways. Below are some of the advantages of installing a whole house water filtration system in your home: A house water filtration system ensures that all the water that enters your home are clean and filtered. It ensures that you will not inhale any unwanted chemical or compound such as chlorine. It helps to come out with cleaner, softer clothes. It also keeps chemicals from embedding in your clothing. Since it filters chlorine and other chemicals when washing, it keeps chlorine vapors to become airborne, which, when inhaled, can pose risks to human’s health. It eliminates soap scum on dishes. It provides water that is healthy to drink. It also keeps consumers from acquiring symptoms related to drinking contaminated water such as nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. It provides cleaner air and helps alleviate the effects of asthma and allergies. It eliminates the chances of absorbing dirty water through the skin. When you use filtered water to shower, you’re getting rid of contaminated water from entering your body. It protects consumers from the carcinogenic effects of consuming water along with chlorine and other chemicals. It protects and lengthens the life of water-using appliances such as coffee pots, washing machines, dishwashers, and hot water heaters since it filters sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants. Some people may hesitate to install a whole house water filtration in their home, thinking that this will only cost them an extra dollar. However, having this system in your home will help you save money in the long run. If you have filtered water, you reduce the chance of getting sick from drinking contaminated water. You will also prolong the life of your appliances that use water. Just make sure to go with the right water filtration company that will provide high-quality equipment and processes. There are a lot of water filter providers in San Diego; in fact, choosing which among those can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to come out with reputable companies is to do a research. Find at least three service providers and compare their rates and reviews. You can also ask a referral from the people you know and trust. In addition, it’s best to contact the company first and raise questions. Be sure to go with the provider who is more than...

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Do Whole House Water Filters Work?

House water filters have been in the market for a long time; however, not every home and business have had it installed in their facility. For some people, purchasing this is a daunting task since it involves a few considerations like the price, system provider, etc. Some may not even be sure whether a house water filter really works or not. Whether you’re planning to put a house water filter in your home or you already have it installed, it’s important that you know the basic things about it first. This will clear all the questions you have in mind such as what it is about, how it works, and if it’s crucial for every home or not. What Is A Whole House Water Filter System? First things first! This system is set up where the main water line penetrates your home or office. By doing so, your whole water filter system will be able to deliver filtered water to your water sources like tap, kitchen, bathroom, and hot water heater. You may wonder if you need to purchase a different water filter for every hot water heater but the answer is no. Even if you have several hot water heaters at home, it’s not necessary for you to buy multiple water systems. A water filter system is almost the same as drinking water filters in a way that it includes various filter media like reverse osmosis, carbon, and advanced next-generation filter technology. Does Whole House Water Filter Works? This complex question comes with a simple answer – yes. However, it still depends on the water filter provider that you are considering and the types of equipment and process they use. Basically, a whole house water filter works by pre-filtering rust, sediment, and other contaminants. It also removes hazardous substance such as chlorine, lead, nickel, mercury, and dissolved metals. It also eliminates dangerous organic compounds such as VOCs. Is It Crucial To Install Whole House Water Filters At Home? Considering how it works, it’s just fair to say that you need a whole house filter to every outlet in your home. Why? Unknown to many, heating water that has disinfectant chemicals can become airborne and may cause more trouble than drinking unfiltered water. When your body inhales water with treatment, it can pose a serious threat to your health. With a whole house water filter, you’re guaranteed to have water filtered water – that is safer and healthier to drink and shower with. It also ensures that the clothes you’re are cleaner and softer, and above all, filtered water ensures that the entire household is not inhaling hazardous vapors. What Do You Need To Know Before Installing A Whole House Water Filter? Now that you know how it works and how it will benefit you and your family, the next thing you need to consider it is certification. You need to know whether that water filter system has been tested by a certified third-party. Not all water filters are created...

Do You Need A Whole House Water Filter System?

Do You Need A Whole House Water Filter System?

Water is almost everywhere however, that doesn’t mean that we can drink water anywhere we want. We may have seen people drinking straight from lakes, glaciers, and rivers but in reality, this is not possible all the time. These sources of water may contain moderate to high level of contamination coming from environmental and industrial pollution. Not even the water coming from tap and well are safe to drink. Like water, contaminants are everywhere and it can range from minerals to man-made chemicals. The water around us can be contaminated by acid rain, pesticide, industrial waste, disease-producing pathogens, and a lot more. Although these cannot cause instant diseases, it can still be hazardous to one’s health. Therefore, it’s best to get rid of unwanted substances found in water such as scales or hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium, microbial pathogens, inorganic substances like barium, lead, and mercury, organic substances like herbicides and fungicides, and radioactive elements. That being said, it’s recommended to use a house water filter system that truly works in reducing these contaminants. Do you really need a whole house water filter system? Possible Health Hazards Of Drinking Contaminated Water While drinking contaminated water can leave no negative impact on one’s health, it can also be hazardous to one’s health. Some people may acquire a severe illness or in worse cases, even death. Age and general health status play a major role in regards to the possible impact of drinking contaminated water. It also depends on the amount of water consumed, how long the person has been drinking the water, and the kind of contaminant present in it. The effect can be seen in an instant while in some cases, it may go unnoticed for several years. This may include stomach and gastrointestinal sicknesses like cramps, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Therefore, the best way to avoid all these is to ensure that you are having safe water to drink. Importance Of Installing A Whole House Water Filter System Technically speaking, a whole house water filter system ensures that all the water dispensers in your home – toilets, faucets, baths, kitchen, laundry – distribute treated water. Installing it can reduce, if not remove, a variety of problems that affect the quality of the water you are drinking. It also affects the appearance and taste of the water. Basically, it removes the contaminants by connecting a filter to your water line. All the water that goes into your home will be filtered before going to toilets, taps, and appliances. Using a whole house filtration system will not only remove chlorine and other chemicals but also odor. When choosing a water filter system, you must consider the type of contaminant you have in your home. For instance, your concern is about fluoride, iron, or bacteria, therefore you need a specific water house system that will work in getting rid of these particular contaminants. Consult a local water filter system provider to know which water filter system will suit your needs....

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