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Whole House Water Filtration System San Diego

The clarity of the water doesn’t always suggest that it’s pure and safe to drink. There are a lot of contaminants, which come in different forms and sizes, present in the environment. If consumed, some may pose immediate symptoms while others may go unnoticed for a long time. Therefore, it’s best to have the water used for cooking, cleaning, and drinking filtered to avoid hazardous effects.

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At San Diego Water Filtration Systems, we ensure to provide the best water quality – thanks to our dedicated water experts. We come up with an advanced solution that would help remove contaminants in your water, producing a safe water to drink and use on your home. We have served over a hundred residential, commercial, and industrial facilities and have become one of the most trusted and recommended water filtration systems in San Diego, Ca.

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What Is A Whole House Water Filter?

A house water filter is attached to the main water line to ensure that all the water dispenser, like showers, baths, faucets, laundry, and kitchen, produces treated water that is safe for consumption, cooking, and cleaning.

This water filtration system hands a lot of benefits to its users. One of which is protecting the consumer from contaminants. Our water filtration system removes any impurities – natural and man-made – like gases, minerals, bacteria, chemicals, and metals. Although most of these are deemed harmless, some may still cause adverse health effects. Aside from illness, like vomiting and nausea, unfiltered water can also stain clothing, damage water-using appliances, and equipment, and produce foul odors. Our water experts conduct several processes and tests to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality of water that is safe and healthy to drink.

Types Of Common Contaminants That You Should Be Aware Of

No water filtration system is equal – some may only remove 50% or less of the contaminants while other can remove 99% of it. Our house water filter system guarantees to remove 99% of dirt, unnecessary minerals, chemicals, and other debris. We know how important it is to filter as much as we can to provide water that is safe for consumption. Here are some of the common contaminants that we remove and you should be aware of:

  • Sediments – These are any particles present in the water that can be seen with a naked eye. It can be dirt, sand, dust, and rust which needs to be mechanically strained to avoid health problems and prolong the life of the water-using equipment. Water with a high amount of sediments should undergo various stages of filtration and utilize reusable filters.
  • Chemicals – Chlorine, fluorine, and pesticides – these are just some of the chemicals found in unfiltered, raw water. Some can be really toxic and may result in death, thus it should be removed before consumption. Some of the adverse health effects of drinking chemically-contaminated water are cardiovascular disease, cancer, miscarriage, and neurological disease. One of the common ways to eliminate it is through carbon filtration.
  • Iron – Ferric (rust or red water iron) and ferrous (clear water iron) are the 2 types of iron found in water. Each type can be removed by a particular process; red water iron can be filtered using a sediment filter while clear water iron can be treated through ion exchange or oxidation. Although iron in water is considered as a secondary contaminant – meaning it doesn’t create a direct impact on one’s health, it can cause other issues and damages. Moreover, it just tastes really bad. For instance, it stains your clothing and dishes and most of which are almost impossible to remove.

Choosing A House Water Filter System

While a whole house water filtration system will really help improve your health, safety, and cleanliness in your home, there are a few things you should consider first, such as the flow rate, which is the amount of water that flows or run in your water dispensers. It’s also necessary to check on the filter size, filter life, and port size. If you want professional advice on this matter, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message here on our website. Our house water filtration system provides customized water filters that would suit your needs.