Do You Need A Whole House Water Filter System?

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Water is almost everywhere however, that doesn’t mean that we can drink water anywhere we want. We may have seen people drinking straight from lakes, glaciers, and rivers but in reality, this is not possible all the time. These sources of water may contain moderate to high level of contamination coming from environmental and industrial pollution. Not even the water coming from tap and well are safe to drink.

Like water, contaminants are everywhere and it can range from minerals to man-made chemicals. The water around us can be contaminated by acid rain, pesticide, industrial waste, disease-producing pathogens, and a lot more. Although these cannot cause instant diseases, it can still be hazardous to one’s health. Therefore, it’s best to get rid of unwanted substances found in water such as scales or hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium, microbial pathogens, inorganic substances like barium, lead, and mercury, organic substances like herbicides and fungicides, and radioactive elements. That being said, it’s recommended to use a house water filter system that truly works in reducing these contaminants. Do you really need a whole house water filter system?

Possible Health Hazards Of Drinking Contaminated Water

While drinking contaminated water can leave no negative impact on one’s health, it can also be hazardous to one’s health. Some people may acquire a severe illness or in worse cases, even death. Age and general health status play a major role in regards to the possible impact of drinking contaminated water. It also depends on the amount of water consumed, how long the person has been drinking the water, and the kind of contaminant present in it.

The effect can be seen in an instant while in some cases, it may go unnoticed for several years. This may include stomach and gastrointestinal sicknesses like cramps, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Therefore, the best way to avoid all these is to ensure that you are having safe water to drink.

Importance Of Installing A Whole House Water Filter System

Technically speaking, a whole house water filter system ensures that all the water dispensers in your home – toilets, faucets, baths, kitchen, laundry – distribute treated water. Installing it can reduce, if not remove, a variety of problems that affect the quality of the water you are drinking. It also affects the appearance and taste of the water. Basically, it removes the contaminants by connecting a filter to your water line. All the water that goes into your home will be filtered before going to toilets, taps, and appliances.

Using a whole house filtration system will not only remove chlorine and other chemicals but also odor. When choosing a water filter system, you must consider the type of contaminant you have in your home. For instance, your concern is about fluoride, iron, or bacteria, therefore you need a specific water house system that will work in getting rid of these particular contaminants. Consult a local water filter system provider to know which water filter system will suit your needs.

Acquiring this system at home may mean additional costs, however, it offers a lot of benefits to every household such as:

  • Reduce health risks that may come from drinking contaminated water
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Scale-free showers
  • Long-lasting water using household pipes and appliances
  • Clear, odorless, and filtered water from ever water source

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